What if, there were blocks for Automobiles? Like Phone blocks for cell phone.


What if any one could buy few basic blocks, join them and form an automobile. When I first head about phone blocks, I knew that this could be a game changer. Affordable cellular phones!

We live in an era where transportation has become a lifeline. It has created channels and opportunities for people in almost every sector.

Another fantastic example of Smart blocks in the gaming sector is: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/atoms/atoms-express-toys

Maybe, In future any one can create a car / super car / family car, just replace the necessary parts in the near by outlet. TaaDaa! Your car is ready to go.  These blocks can include an engine/motor, battery pack, transmission system, wheels, frame, body, etc. All of this can be interchangeable and can follow a standard so that they can fit together in any format.

Format  means – Fitting parts or blocks to form a Tempo or rearranging the same parts to form a convertible or a coupe. We can have standard templates for the blocks.


One can event resolve the parking issue by dismantling the car or by stacking the car blocks vertically or the same car when parked can be used as a seat. In fact the entire parking lot can be transformed into a more productive platform.

It is not far when an average individual can create a super car using the same blocks. Get the best from each brand and amalgamate to form a Super Car!